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We have experience in many kinds of multifamily residential building projects throughout Western Canada including mid-rise light-frame timber, high-rise mass timber, concrete-frame, and steel-frame structures. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our clients and the entire project team throughout design and construction, and in our practical and cost-effective designs. We also provide energy advisor services for these project types.


Low & Mid-Rise Multifamily:

Light-frame timber, concrete podiums, steel-frame, concrete-frame, mass timber, and others.


High-Rise Multifamily:

Concrete-frame, steel-frame, mass timber, and others.

Structural Engineering & Energy Consultant

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We service residential, commercial,
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We have experience with residential builds including multi-story apartments, single family homes, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. We are involved in renovations for small housing to large commercial tenant improvements.

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