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ROV Consulting Inc. specializes in all aspects of Structural Engineering and Building Energy Engineering for the commercial, residential, institutional and industrial sectors. Our services range from standard code compliant to advanced superior and custom engineering.

Our knowledgeable team is friendly and flexible and will accommodate the specifics of your project. We have experts with high problem-solving skills in a wide array of construction practices. We offer our clients thorough designs and drawings to ensure their desired end-product.

ROV Consulting Kelowna Services Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

We offer innovative structural engineering solutions that give you exactly what you need at a reasonable cost, working with you as part of your team to provide versatile engineering and practical solutions. We shape all aspects of our building environment, allowing construction in even the most challenging environments.

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ROV Consulting Kelowna Services Building Energy Engineering

Building Energy Engineering

Our Building Energy Engineering services range from basic services, such as fine-tuning building designs to meet minimum energy performance mandated by code, to best-in-class services such as superior energy-saving design properties inherent with Passive House, Net Zero House, R2000, and ENERGY STAR®.

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ROV Consulting Kelowna Sectors Where We Work

Where We Work

ROV Consulting Inc. provides Structural and Building Energy Engineering services to the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. We serve all clients with projects of all sizes, adapting to your specific needs and desired results. Click on the button below to view a detailed list of the sectors we work in.

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