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Energy Advisor Services

At ROV Consulting, we have an in-house Energy Advisor, a third-party consultant who has been registered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). Our Energy Advisor can provide both energy modeling and airtightness testing – the two services needed to demonstrate compliance under the BC Energy Step Code for both Part 9 and Part 3 buildings. Our Energy Consultant has a vast knowledge of building science principles, sustainable construction methods, and superior energy modeling techniques.

ROV Building Energy Services range from basic services, such as Step Code Compliance and EngerGuide Labeling program, to best-in-class services, such as achieving the upper steps of energy step code, or superior energy-saving design properties inherent with Passive House, and Net Zero House. Our services include both new constructions and renovations and upgrades.

Our Energy Consultant services range from basic services, such as StepCode Compliance and EngerGuide Labeling program

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Code Compliance Services

Energy code compliance including BCBC Performance Path, Step Code Compliance, and NECB Performance Path

  • Assess materials and building assemblies for energy efficiency and a healthy indoor environment
  • Analyze the performance of the building envelope and mechanical systems
  • For new homes, provide a pre-construction energy evaluation and performance testing
  • For existing building, provide suggestions to improve the energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • For new and existing building, provide third party verification and inspection, a final report and an EnerGuide rating

Higher Step Energy Consultant Services

Our superior energy-efficient building services include both New-build and Renovation Upgrade Service:

  • Determine insulation levels in walls, ceilings and basements
  • Provide thermal envelope drawings with R-value calculation
  • Provide air barrier and vapor retarder consultation
  • Design high-efficiency windows including Passive Solar Design
  • Provide high-efficiency HVAC strategies
  • Provide Solar System Analysis
  • Perform Mid-Construction and End-of-Construction air leakage testing
  • Apply for energy certification (Passive House, Energy Star™, Net Zero House)
  • Apply for Rebates & Incentives
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Energy Retrofit Consultant

Prior to renovation or retrofit, a building performance can be assessed to prioritize upgrade strategies that would deliver the highest return-on-investment (ROI). Multiple energy upgrade strategies can be assessed to ensure viable impact on cost and energy savings:

  • Super-insulating existing walls, floors, and ceiling
  • Effective air sealing and moisture control strategies
  • Replacing doors/windows with energy-efficient units
  • Upgrading mechanical systems to high-efficiency HVAC
  • Balancing ventilation to improve indoor air quality and comfort
  • Energy efficient hot water, lighting, and appliances
  • Installing solar or other renewable energy systems

Return on Your Investment

Any building built thirty or more years ago needs improvements and upgrades. And while a new kitchen or bathroom might be the focus for most, upgrading a building’s air-sealing or mechanical systems does much more for occupant comfort, well-being, and energy efficiency.

At ROV we can provide the ROI of higher upfront costs associated with better energy performance against savings realized from significantly lower utility bills, smaller mechanical systems and footprint requirements, and extended building life.

In addition, we offer Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for your projects. Life Cycle Analysis is an advanced sustainability assessment technique used to estimate a wide range of environmental impacts or costs of a project over its entire life. A comprehensive Life Cycle Analysis is essential if you are planning to achieve zero carbon or zero energy solutions or making long time-term decisions. It can be used for both new developments or rehabilitation and retrofit strategies.

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