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ROV provided structural engineering for this new condominium building in Kelowna, BC. The project consists of a 2-storey concrete semi-below-grade parkade podium with 4-storeys of light-frame timber condominiums above. ROV worked with the developer and contractor to develop an efficient ‘tanked’ parkade design due to the local water table elevation being higher than the bottom level of parking. The result was a design that was efficient in it’s cost and use of materials while maintaining the watertightness required in the design. The SoHo Condominiums provide 100 homes to Kelowna’s Rutland community.

Project Details

Project Scope: 2 Storey concrete semi below grade parkade podium with 4 storeys of light frame timber condominiums above.

Developer: Platinum Properties Group

Architect: Bluegreen Architecture

General Contractor: Greyback Construction

Vernon Native Housing
50th Parallel Winery – Lake Country
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We have experience with residential builds including multi-story apartments, single family homes, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. We are involved in renovations for small housing to large commercial tenant improvements.

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