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Being a Feature Building, its form has some bold design elements that make it stand out. Flaring out wing shapes on the exterior walls , for instance, add definition to an otherwise rectilinear  form  while adding welcome space to the interior, exit ways from the building,  and aesthetic interest in the day, and night time from illumination . Continuous horizontal metal bands on the exterior, add a streamlining effect which aid in defining the horizontal plane as the mass descends,  like a beached, Modern Okanagan Sternwheeler,  into the sand bar.

Project Details

Location: 507 Skaha Hills Dr, Penticton  (Play Estate Winery)

Category: Winery

General Contractor: Greyback Construction

Architect: Robert Mackenzie Architect

Awards: Commercial Building Merit Award (Okanagan, Thompson , Kootenay) 2016

The Landing
Society Of Hope – Kelowna
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