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We are creating functional and good looking buildings for the public to use, and at the same time we are entitled with the responsibility of shaping up our cities.

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PROJECT TITLE, LOCATION: Siwoski Professional Building- Vernon

CATEGORY: Commercial

COMPLETION DATE: Winter of 2021

KEY PLAYERS: Chriscan Construction and GTA Architecture

SCOPE: ROV Consulting designed the 2 storey office building in Vernon using structural steel. The shallow cantilevered exterior roof canopy gave the building a very modern feel and look.


  • Ultra-modern steel and concrete designed building
  • 10,000 sq.ft. with two leasehold units
  • Two story curtain wall glazing system with integrated aluminum sunshades
  • Modern Aluminum Composite Material siding panels
  • Rooftop patio with free-standing paving stones and aluminum pergola
  • Long board soffit with integrated lighting
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We have experience with residential builds including multi-story apartments, single family homes, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. We are involved in renovations for small housing to large commercial tenant improvements.

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