Engineering an Airplane Lift at Okanagan College

Engineering an Airplane Lift at Okanagan College

ROV Consulting Inc. spent the weekend monitoring the results of ENGINEERING AN AIRPLANE LIFT into the top of an atrium at a new facility here in Kelowna!

How does a Cessna 172 become a piece of aerial artwork in the atrium of the new Trades building at Okanagan College’s Kelowna campus? Check out the video above to watch as hours of carefully planned and orchestrated work by a team of engineers and experts from KF Aerospace, PCL Westcoast Constructors, and ROV Consulting Inc. is condensed into less than two minutes. Thanks to KF Aerospace for donating this unique addition to Okanagan College’s newest building. Please feel free to share this video showcasing a tangible example of community support for the future of Trades training and Okanagan College.

The extreme stress and responsibility involved is why engineers are paid so much.  If a mistake had been made several people may have been killed or hurt or the “ART” piece damaged. ROV Consulting Inc. (Structural & Building Energy Engineers) did the engineering for the lift and Al Felice and his team from Specialty Overland Services performed the lift.

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