Congratulations Bahareh Reza

We are pleased to announce that ROV Consulting Inc. is now offering Energy Engineering services for every step of the BC Energy Step Code (BCESC).

  • The BCESC takes a new, performance-based approach rather than the traditional prescriptive approach. Hence it does not specify how to construct a building, but identifies an energy-efficiency target that must be met and lets the designers/builders choose how to meet it.
  • To comply with the BC Energy Step Code, designers/builders must work with a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) to apply energy modelling software and on-site testing to demonstrate that both design and the construction meet the requirements of the BCESC.
  • The new standard empowers designers/builders to pursue innovative, creative, cost-effective solutions, and allows them to incorporate leading-edge technologies to build energy-efficient houses.

We recommend our clients start working with a CEA and familiarize themselves with the BCESC application, before local municipalities set bylaw requirements to meet one or more steps of the BCESC in the near future. Our in-house CEA, Bahar Reza uses her expertise for energy modelling, airtightness testing, and meeting performance-based requirements. She can work with you through application of the BCESC, as well as for rebate programs, labeling and certification programs (i.e. EnerGuide Rating, Energy Star, R2000, Passive House, Net Zero House), building permit, density bonus, or other available incentives.


Call or email Bahar to book an initial consultation for your upcoming projects:

Dr. Bahareh Reza, P.Eng., Ph.D., CEA

Structural Engineer and Certified Energy Advisor

Certified Passive House and Net-zero House Designer

P: (250) 860-0412 ext. 209

M: (250) 801-3901



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