Project Gallery

  • Nesbitt - Fox/Rhine Res

    We did the full engineering on this house, including the glass engineering.

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  • Small Renovations

    The renovations can be as small as opening up a wall, or as large as building a whole new home on a small portion of the old foundation.

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  • Gienow Precast Building

    Engineered Precast Building in Kelowna

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  • Whitworth Road Home

    Video Credit: Jerry at In-Focus Videography. Check out his amazing work here:   ROV did the complete structural engineering of this $25 million 12,000 square foot home. Due to the proximity to Lake Okanagan and the sensitive soils, we had to “make it float” without popping out of the ground.  We did this by designing a 14” thick waterproof crawl space floor about 1 meter below the water table and 12” thick foundation walls on top of that. Think swimming pool but keep the water OUT! We had to balance the weight of the house and footing against the buoyancy effects of the water table.  Of course we also had to design for seismic, wind, snow and gravity loads…And don’t forget the 2 chandeliers of 6,000 pounds each. As an added bonus we gave them a curved ceiling that matches those eyebrow windows!

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  • Arrowleaf Cellars

  • Lake City Casino

  • Lot 41 Highpoint