Indoor Pool Repair

Indoor Pool Repair


Location: Lake Country, BC

Category: Residential

Design Engineer: Richard O. Visscher P.Eng (non-practicing)

Scope of Work: Innovative Engineering.

A client purchased an older home in West Kelowna and after they moved in they discovered that when it rained, the water would run from the patio through the doors and into the house.  The house was built on a suspended slab over an indoor swimming pool.  Upon close examination, it was noted that the suspended slab had experienced long term creep and as a result the slab was sagging.  This produced a negative slope on the decks.

We came up with an innovative engineering solution that utilized post tensioned cables (as shown here). A tightening schedule was given, and over the course of several months the house was lifted 4″ as the stainless steel cables were tightened by simply turning the nuts.  All this was accomplished without ever draining the pool.

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