Building Energy

Expanding code requirements for improved building efficiency are coming soon. Are you ready?


ROV Consulting Inc. has been planning ahead to assist builders and their customers meet key elements of these requirements head-on.

The new building services range from basic services, i.e. fine-tune building designs to meet minimum energy performance mandated by code, or offer superior energy-saving design properties inherent with Passive House, R2000, Energy Star, and Net Zero House.



Basic Services


Performance-based building energy code compliance includes:

  • Design of thermal envelope for external walls, roof, basement and exposed floors.
  • Determine the most efficient use and placement of envelope materials using energy modeling.
  • Optimizing the physical properties of windows and shadings.
  • Accurately sizing the HVAC system (room by room ventilation analysis).
  • Consulting on improvement of thermal envelope and mechanical systems to minimize the utility cost and maximize thermal comfort.


Best-in-class energy-efficient building services


Typical features of our energy efficient building services include:

  •  High insulation levels in walls, ceilings and basements
  •  High-efficiency windows and doors
  •  High-efficiency heating and cooling
  •  Whole-house mechanical ventilation
  •  Blower door testing to ensure minimal air leakage
  •  Water-conserving fixtures


Our superior services are offered through different certification processes:

  • Passive House Design
  • R-2000 Net Zero Engery
  • Energuide Rating System (ERS)
  • ENERGY STAR for new homes